COPSIS - Agency for translation and certification services - registered in Bulgaria .

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The value we bring to our clients

COPSIS - Translation Services
  • Services:
    - translation and interpreting into/from 31 languages
    - consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
    - certification and authentication of documents issued by foreign and Bulgarian institutions
    - certification and authentication of documents in all state institutions and agencies of Bulgaria
    - certification and authentication of documents with Embassy and Consular representation offices
    - providing sworn and certified interpreters for meeting, negotiations, conferences also in the Court of Law and for executing deeds before a notary
    - providing assistance to foreigners in Bulgaria
    - providing assistance with the preparation of documents
    - door-to-door pick-up and delivery of documents for translation and certification
    - consultation and advice


COPSIS - WEB design services and support   WEB дизайн за вашия сайт: 
- Web site developing
- translation and localization services for your sites
- multilanguage support for web sites contents